The Best Photography Locations to Shoot Photos in Phoenix

There’s something magical about the light in the Valley of the Sun. The best time to capture it is at sunset, but you don’t have to wait for that golden hour to shoot great photos in Phoenix. With a little bit of research, you can find plenty of photo-friendly locations throughout the city. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur who loves taking pictures, there are many amazing locations in and around Phoenix to shoot your next set of images. Here are some of our favorite places where you can take photos and videos with spectacular views.

Apache Junction

Goldfield Ghost Town

Get your old west on and visit Goldfield Ghost Town. Beautiful backdrops of the mountains, old-timey buildings, and more are perfect for Instagram or a shoot with your clients.

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Desert Breeze Park

A small park with a central lake, kids train that takes visitors around the park, a couple play areas, and a lot of people fishing.

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Veterans Oasis Park

Veterans Oasis Park has a bit of everything for everyone. There’s an incredible memorial with a large plane and light fixtures that make for a great shot, a lake with desert landscape, and plenty of areas to take clients on a photo shoot.

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Downtown Gilbert

You cannot go wrong in Downtown Gilbert. It has great urban architecture, an iconic water tower, parking garages, and some art along the way.

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Downtown Mesa

Downtown Mesa has a ton of great photography spots to choose from. There are plenty of murals, architecture, and other art to use in your backdrops.

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Dobbins Lookout

Want a view of the entire city and gorgeous mountains during sunset? Take a beautiful drive up South Mountain to the very end of the road and you’ll find Dobbins lookout with an incredible view of the entire city.

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Papago Park

One of the best parks to take photos in Phoenix is Papago Park. Located along the Tempe Town Lake, this park offers trails, gardens, and stunning views of the city. Papago Park has many photo-worthy spots such as the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Desert Gardens, and the lawn in front of the Desert Botanical Gardens. You can also visit the Hole in the Rock, an arch rock formation that you can walk through. The best time to visit this park is early morning or at sunset when the light is best for photography. You can also visit the park on a Full Moon walk every month.

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Tres Rios Wetlands

Tres Rios Wetlands is an interesting place. It’s a trail through Arizona wetlands that houses plenty of wildlife and nature shots. There are some places along the trail that might make for some good photo spots in Arizona.

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San Tan Valley & Queen Creek

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Tempe Beach Park

I’ve fallen in love with Tempe Beach Park when it comes to street photography but there are also some great spots for portrait shots along the incredible walk against the lake. Tempe Beach Park is a beautiful public park located in Tempe, Arizona along the banks of the Salt River. It’s a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, and it’s the perfect location for a photo shoot.

One of the main reasons why Tempe Beach Park is ideal for photographers is because it offers a wide range of backdrops and settings. The park features grassy areas, and stunning views of the river and nearby mountains. This gives photographers the opportunity to capture a variety of different shots, from candid, natural portraits to more formal, posed shots.

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Desert View Trail

The Desert View Trail is one of the best photo spots near Phoenix. The trail is a 1.2-mile walk through a desert landscape with spectacular views of the saguaro cactus and the sunset over the desert. The trail offers plenty of spots for you to take photos and it’s easily accessible. You’ll start the trail at the Desert View Watchtower and walk about a half-mile to the Tower Trail Head. The hike is easy and takes about an hour to finish. You can also drive to the end of the trail and park your car there. At sunset, you can see a beautiful Arizona sky with red and pink colors in the sky above the saguaro cactus. You can also see the nearby hilltops and mountains where you can watch the sun go down. If you visit the trail at sunrise, you can see a different view of the desert with a different color palette of light and shadows.

What’s missing from this list?

Phoenix is a great city for photographers and visitors. You can get amazing photos of the city’s buildings and landscapes, like the cactus, desert, and mountains. You can also get photos of the city at night when it’s beautifully decorated with lights. There are many great photo spots near Phoenix that offer stunning views of the city and its surroundings. You can visit these places to get photos of the different landscapes and light. If you’re visiting Phoenix, make sure to take your camera and explore the city to see what beautiful photos you can capture.

Am I missing any areas that I need to add to this list? Let me know!

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