June 26, 2020

How to get Elementor templates for free

Elementor is an incredible WordPress plugin to create and design websites. Sometimes our client's budget doesn't justify an entirely custom build or we might need some help getting going with a design.

Whatever the reason, templates are an incredibly easy and efficient way to jumpstart any website design. In this video, I'll go a bit deeper into why I use templates with some of my projects and where to find free Elementor templates to use right now!

2:09 - Inside Elementor
5:34 - Envato Elements
10:32 - Astra Theme
11:43 - Launch Party

Help & Support
Purchase Elementor Pro here


Where to find it: https://elementor.com

There are tons of templates and blocks to import into your project right from the default Elementor plugin. This is helpful if you want to reduce the number of plugins used on a website.

Elementor has committed to creating one template a month but these newer templates will require a Pro license. You can learn more about the Pro benefits here if you want to see if it's worth it.

Envato Elements

envato elements

Where to find it: https://wordpress.org/plugins/envato-elements/

Envato elements is probably my go to for most of my template needs. I pay for the premium license, I think it was roughly $140 for the year, but it is worth it. 

There are over 150 templates sites with many more template pages within it. I use these as a framework for some of my clients and customize as needed to fit their brand. 

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