Why camera lenses are more important than the bodies

Camera lens

When it comes to photography, the camera lens is often considered more important than the camera body. While the camera body provides the basic platform and controls for capturing images, the lens is the main factor that determines the quality and versatility of the photos. Here are some reasons why camera lenses are more important […]

How to take photos in low light with a DSLR camera

DSLR Videography Concept

Taking pictures in low light can be a challenging but rewarding experience. With the right settings and techniques, you can capture beautiful and moody shots that would be difficult or impossible to achieve in brighter conditions. Here are some tips for taking pictures in low light with a DSLR camera. Use a tripod One of […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Photography Vocabulary: Master the Art of Taking Pictures!

Photography is an art form that allows us to capture and preserve special moments in time. However, in order to truly master the art of taking pictures, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the terminology and techniques used in photography. This comprehensive guide to photography vocabulary will help you navigate the vast world […]

The Best Photography Locations to Shoot Photos in Phoenix

There’s something magical about the light in the Valley of the Sun. The best time to capture it is at sunset, but you don’t have to wait for that golden hour to shoot great photos in Phoenix. With a little bit of research, you can find plenty of photo-friendly locations throughout the city. Whether you’re […]

Beginners Guide to Photography: Camera Essentials, Tips and Tricks!

beginners guide to photography

Photography is the art of recording light. It is a very complex process that involves many techniques and tools. The world of photography can be difficult to crack for those who are just starting out, but with the right information and techniques, it’s something that anyone can learn. There are many types of photography from […]

5 Week Photo Challenge

Coming up with ideas for photos is hard. I ran into this with my 100 days of photo challenge after just 10 days. To help me and help others who asked about types of photos to take, I created this 5 week challenge! The rules: Use the ideas for each week to help you take […]

The History of Photography: From Its Invention to the Modern Day

Photographers are an exceptionally creative bunch. Their art is so diverse and dynamic in its execution that photographers have been able to produce some of the most visually striking images ever documented by mankind. The history of photography, however, is a very long and complex one – especially with so many different styles and techniques […]

How to take better photos with your iPhone

Woman taking pictures of cakes in coffee shop with her smartphone

Today’s smartphone users snap more photos than ever before. The average photo-loving millennial takes about 200 images per day, with the resulting photo collection numbering around 2000 photographs per month and 700,000 photographs over a lifetime. In response to this uptick in photographic activity, photographers have created mobile apps that give users pro-level photo editing […]

100 days of photos

I’m documenting the process on my TikTok and Instagram so make sure you’re following me there. What is the 100 day photo challenge? To put simply, I’m going to try to take 100 photos in as close to 100 days as possible. I’ll take a day off here and there for my sanity though. There […]

How to turn your photography hobby into a business

Traveling and photography. Young woman with a camera is photographed on the sea beach.

Do you love taking pictures? Do you want to make money from your passion? If so, photography could be the perfect business for you. But how do you go about starting your photography business and making it thrive? This article provides some tips on how you can turn your photography hobby into a business and […]